hi again! (Iob Skaven and my claim to GW IP fame)

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

so because of the massive amount of effort (read not much) that was put into yesterdays post heres some plain eyecandy  (you may have seen him @GW glasgow a while back!)

yeah terrible photo- if you want better pics of anything you see on my blog ask in the comments!
and my claim to gW ip fame: remember when you got a free termi with WD? mine became a heavy teleport siege armour !

my painting has got better receantly!

does he remind you of anything?  like mabey the pilot of the dreadknight!?

could i sue GW with this? lol



Zebulon said...

Hey man, I love the design of that termy, how did you do the harness type effect? it gives it a bit more beef lol, love it!

Fuzzbuket said...

its a spare drop pod harness!feel free to try it out- it fits nicely over the GW termi front torso!


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