Battle damage and procrastination

Monday, 14 January 2013

Hello ladies, and gentlmen
haha kidding on we all know no ladies visit here
haha no gentlemen either

just you
you know what you are

a platypus.

i have no idea where im going with this, oh well have some wips! i did some battle damage and made the fist black, cause imperial fists.

more after the jump. im trying to tidy the place up a little

key word is trying.

and i dotted the eye, and the i in i dotted the i. deep stuff.

also i was recently emailed the following infographwhatchamathing by someone by the name of alison, and the
graph is from a online classes website ( ive never taken any classes and am not endorsing the site but the graph is fairly intresting)
its also quite large. (its below)
so yeah check it out or something. i do enjoy receiving emails so if any of you lovley people want me to showcase your plastic toys or a picture or something email them or link in the comments , ill get around to showing it off!


from here


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