the easiest way to paint word bearer/dark red armour: EVER!

Wednesday, 7 November 2012


recently whilst playing about with some paints i accidently discovered the greatest thing ever for people who just want to get that base armour done so they can concentrate on the fun stuff!

step 1: have a white basecoat

wow how nice does that red armour look!

a bit messy with the gold but the red is perfect :D

and with 1 application of this its easily do-able

yeah i was mucking around with the airbrush paints with brushes and i discovered this! whilst it may make the chosen too easy to paint it will be a lifesaver with the hellbrute and the cultists!

as for where to pick a bottle just search on amazon for "vallejo model air" it should be a little box with about 12! (not a bad set and all the airbrush paints you need!)


Zab said...

I just recently used Vallejo's acrylic matte and started to use their acrylic primers (since winter is here in Canada and I need to spray inside). They are a really great paint range for air brushing. I love me some Citadel for brush work but man is Vallejo great too. This may be the start of a beautiful addiction...

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