another 300 points built!

Monday, 12 November 2012

for the t04g thing for bolscon uk each competitor has to build and paint 400 points a month! so the other day i sat down and did some glueing/fixing and wrecked a drop pod.

3 bikers, 10 marines

and a drop pod thats been fixed, had the icons slashed off and the doors glued shut!

also why has fuzz not been posting as much?
well ive been busy lahzoring noobs in my swagrider.

staring at trees in skyrim

staring at walls in skyrim

and wondering if some mods ignore the fact that YOUR DRUNK MOD. GO HOME. IT CANT RAIN INDOORS.

and thats me :D



Mark Mercer said...

any CSM stuff you're working on?

Fuzzbuket said...

ive been doing a few cultists and a chosen but really im focused on the IF for the T04g atm, they are fantastic sculpts though!

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