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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

hi :D

you probably have seen the new starter kit, if not here are some lovley pics of it! (from nafatka at faiet 212 from 4chan)

the DA, the tacticals are nice: not too ornate which is good (i dont want to be confused with the vets!) but a few more dynamic poses couldnt hurt!)  i really like the libby, and the chappy/Captain are about average. (although why has the chappy got a weird skull helmet? all the other chaplains manage it fine?... and why the monobrow?, is it a terrible geneseed flaw?)

oh my, those bikers are superb! i feel like a lot of RW players are going to be very happy! and the terminators make my SH ones feel sad :P (not entirley sure on the eldar crest, and im not too chuffed that these will be a nightmare to convert to IF :P)
apart from the fact that these sculpts are all doubles :( these are a really fresh and new direction for chaos! and for once cultists look like regular citizens that have makeshift weapons and are batsh*t crazy!) the enforrcer with shotgun looks fantastic! im not entirley fond of the 2nd sargent but the rest of it is brilliant with a very necromunda vibe! (and one of the cultists looks like hes out of the mommy doctor who alien (the gasmask ones!)
and these 8 models are pretty much all the justification  you need for buying this box! The lord is FANTASTIC, the chosen are even better , and for once CSM look like 10,000 year old vets that have spent that time getting possesed and stuff, and not just like marines with spikes :P

and the hellbrute (a insane venerable dread).
just wow. if i went back in time to the battle of macrage release and said that in 2 editions your starter set would have 48 models, and a dreadnought that, in my opinion looks even BETTER than the FW one you would all call me crazy! now look at it! i want a chaos army now!

overall i think chaos are possibly some of the best sculpts GW has EVER produced (and in plastic too :D) and that the DA are above marine average (even if they are going to be a nightmare to convert to other sorts of marines!)

and if you are REALLy talanted thats a entire marine (lotd, or a lot of GS :P) army in a box! (cultists >scouts, chosen> vets, lord >libby, ect)

so yes i will be purchasing at least 1 (and a collectors edition!) (and of course painting it up and displaying it here!)



ayshwariya said...

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Master Bryss said...

I seem to remember White Dwarf gave away a free Terminator and Nob with the Black Reach issue(I know, out of character, right?). Here's hoping for a free Terminator and Chosen this time round. :)

Master Bryss said...

Oh, and the above seems to be damn spam.

Merchant Navy

Fuzzbuket said...

@mr.merchant navy. if you are legit, thankyou and there is a subscribe button right there -> if you are a spammer you are welcome as you drive up pageviews :P

@ bryss, oh my i do want more free models! although i will be buying the actual kit (and you want to too :P, or just grab a cheap dread off ebay :D)


The Ascended Host said...

I must agree with you about the Chaos models! The Chosen look better than Forge World models, and the Lord and Sorcerer are literally jaw-dropping! But the Hell Beast may be the best model GW has EVER produced! And that is saying something as it is in the starter box! Dare we hope for new plastic to match these amazing models???

Fuzzbuket said...

and if eldar/tau are the next 40k armies.... *drools*

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