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Friday, 31 August 2012

i need to make less descriptive titles.
anyways have some WIP's

yellow. lotsa yellow which is rediculously easy to paint

note jelous marine in the background aiming melta at the apothecary. because he wanted photo'd too.

also bryss wins 'fanfic about fuzz award 2012.' with his stunning short story 'fuzz goes on dragons den' so stick that on yer CV :P

Next into the Den is Fuzzbuket, from Glasgow.

FUZZ: "Hello Dragons, my name's Fuzz, and I want a £50,000 investment for 10% of my business. As you can see, I earn a lot of zeroes. Invest, and you'll see what number goes in front of those."

DUNCAN BANNATYNE: "Hoo aboot ye just tell us whit number comes in front of all those zeroes?"

FUZZ: "The number in front is...err, zero."

DB: "Ah'm oot."

anyways i found that witty and im now kind of worried that soon ill start seeing twilight: breaking fuzz, fuzzy potter and the fuzzy stone, the hunger fuzzy, a game of fuzz, the good the bad and fuzzbuket and more :P

good night :P



Master Bryss said...

You forgot about The (Fuzz)Buket List, A Fuzzful of Bukets, the poem Fuzzymandias and, my personal favourite, To Kill A Fuzzbuket, about a lawyer who defends a man accused of having a bad font.

Fuzzbuket said...

haha :D

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