warp spiders; almost done :D

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

damn i need to stop coming up with self-explanetory titles :P

anyways here are the 5 spiders.

all i need to do now is (in song) (on the x days of christmas)
6 big cables, 5 gazzilion gemsstone, 4 sets of tassles 3 squigly  lines  , 2 redone helmets and a suit of Aaaa-a-aaaRMOUR

that shouldnt take long :D

just some minor touches needed

cabkesm tasles and stuffs :P
close up on the armour

the first spider (redone with silver gun and red cables/gems)

needs armour done

when i have a few squads (i think ill try to have 20 in my list) this should look impressive :D

and thats it :D

also the comment section is getting lonley.... :/
[insert self promotion here, damn it people im practically doing commisons for free, and dont you want a new army over the summer?!]



Spyrle said...

There're looking good, the blue-black armour is a nice choice.

Fuzzbuket said...

thankyou :D

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