warp spider wips: batch painting guns (and possible skyrim 40k lets play?)

Saturday, 23 June 2012


ive been playing far too many games recently and i think over the summer i may do a 'lets play' of skyrim

with all the warhammer mods
(and a few extra thigns to play about with too :D and ruels so its like roleplaying?)

yeah ive let myself go :(

i used to paint each mini individually but some bits of the spiders are sooo boring i just cant, so im going to try to finish off the squad by batch painting and start a fun project over the summer

so anyways heres the WIPS of the spiders :D



do i sound like a magpie yet? shiney

and the exarch had gold guns cause hes swagtastic and all that !

yes i painted this :P (and now the mod has even BETTER textures and i have more graphics mods too! so you can pretend your playing sskyrim  at supah-ultra-higher-than-bob-marley grahpics :P)
so thats it! id really like it if you commented with your opinion of whether i should do a 'lets play skyrim 40'000' and whether it should be in screencapture of image fourm? (RPS did a great one with images, but i know you all love videos :P)

so comments please :D they are appreciated and i answer them all!



Master Bryss said...

Having taken the LP dive myself, the best advice I can give you is do it any way you like and don't have a care for your ratings. Oh, and a good co-commentator for bater comes highly recommended. :)

I have a preference for video myself, but then I don't exactly LP graphics-intensive stuff (*cough* Metal Mayhem *cough*). Any chance of a link to the RPS one?

Master Bryss said...

Oh, and do whatever you like with Khal Draigo so long as I get the credit for it and a link. :)

Fuzzbuket said...

oh thanks :D and here is the lets play (it was from PCG) http://www.pcgamer.com/2011/12/24/the-elder-strolls-part-3-off-to-meet-the-blizzard/

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