more warp spider wips

Sunday, 17 June 2012

im lazy. and dont paint that much

boo hoo


anyways heres some WIPS whilst i try to get another knife (broke whilst cutting plasticard :C )

i think i may do a half and half scheme on the helm? ( if i do a army i want 2or 3 10 man squads of these so this would be good to tell them apart :D)

the blue on this guy is a lot smoother than on the others :D

and thats it for tongiht :D


in other news ive been playing a lot of tribes acend and airmech ! both are F2P and you dont really need to pay!  so if your bored add fuzzybuket in tribes! (official hide and seek champion of tribes fyi)

oh and ive been listening to the snoop dog dubstep mixtape... if the title wasnt WTF enough already theres 2 WTF things!

1) 'west coast dubstep' with
snoop dog (okay west coast), p money (london), d double (london), true tiger (london) profeser green (hackney) , ect, ect -_-
2) for some reason 1 song randomly cuts to a 4 min rhianna sample :(


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