red pandas (and a announcemt)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012


recently ive decided im going to put a few adds on the blog, why? firstly because I would like to earn a little money from this blog (since the commision painting still is going no where) and secondly because of contests!  see if i earn lets say £50 from adds i can use that to buy a prize, a contest increases traffic so i can then buy a bigger prize, repeat until im in my floating mansion giving away ferrari's as prize :P (wooo)

so anyways adsence dosnt like me using photos from google images (something about copyright infringement! oops!)

so im not using photos from the CC section of flickr, and anyway! ONTO THE PANDAS! :D (of the few i could find on flickr...)

i think hes stuck....... or not wanting to come down and say hi to you lot :P


and over here you can observe a pack of 'humans' all pointing and gibbering

thats all for tonight :)


p.s. if any of you are REALLY against adds comment, or if you have any random comments comment too! dont want to comment? then comment!


TheStarkLord said...

i say go for it. make a little extra either for your self or for contests.
good luck man.
by the way great blog and red pandas are THE BEST!

TheStarkLord said...
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Fuzzbuket said...

Thankyou :D

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