crismson first anniverary model: WIP: OSL PLASMA pistol

Sunday, 13 May 2012

these titles say it all so i leve you with some photos of the  plasma pistol! im really pleased with the metals, not so sure about the OSL, any tips,comments or critisism is really appreciated :D

i used a bright turquoise so it REALLY stands out with the rest of the mini!

crimson fists :P

so thats it, just a quick post for tongight as i have a exam tomorrow (and i have harldy revised :( )



Master Bryss said...

Hope the exam went well. What was it anyway? Can't be any worse than a Philosophy exam where I quoted Queen's drummer by mistake...

Fuzzbuket said...

oh dear :P anyways i was sitting standard grade chemistry and i think ive passed :D


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