And now for something completley diffent (scratchbuilt robots!)

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

long time readers of my blog may remember  me doing a ambitious project to build a mech from ACFA but sadly it never got finished, today however after a bout of mecha madness on ACv (im on the EU server in dawnless btw)  i decided to work on it some more :D

i finished the torso and started on a arm and hand (4 fingers is intentional btw)

concept art by a proffesional artist :P

the original design
what it looked like last year

torso, arm and some armour plates :D

so thats it, it should be getting finished shortly :D

p.s. i was in HMV the other day and in the gaming zone, with keyboard mouse and diablo 3 poster we saw this terrible imposter!


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