40k's new fliers and fuzz's thoughts and improvements the storm talon

Sunday, 27 May 2012

yeah as of the lack of camera cable the content is going to be  a tad diffrent:
so im going to give my thoughts on the New fliers, and how i think they could be improved :D

so lets start with the ugly ducking: or the storm*insert_bird_here*

the storm talon

it seems to me that GW has a great way of making marine fliers: taking the pic in MS paint and stretching or shrikinking it :P and whilst it does make them all seem unified it dosnt produce the best results.

and whilst there are a few things about this kit that i think are great (canopy, bolter mounts, engines) some of the things are just horrific,,,,,, why it cant be that bad....

oh but it is

just look at that landing gear! at least the stormravens landing gear looks feasible.... HOW THE FETH IS THAT MEANT TO WORK!!!! the little bits that come out the back of the vents look horrible as well and completley out of place. and the lower turret is just horrific! it looks like theres a nice kit and some amature conversionist (or clever ork)  has just slapped a razorback turret on there!

the soloution?

personally i think that the kit would look  much better if the lower turret was removed as well as the little sticks that come out the top vent. then if you raised the heavy bolters and added the assault cannon in there, and worked with some spare storm-raven landing gear to make it so that it tilts 45 degrees to land.

so here is the new updated one (that shouldnt be too hard to convert)
now hoq much nicer does that look :D (please forger the messed up heavy bolter :P)


p.s. the warpspiuder exarch and the battlsuit are both in the final cut in the local GW's painting contest :D I  couldnt make the judgeing but ill know on monday :D 
p.p.s am i the only one that thinks the stormtalon would make a great warhound cockpit??(or alt sentinel cockpit)


Master Bryss said...

I actually really like it... it looks like a bullet hell ship and I like that sort of aesthetic.

Having said that, I prefer your version. I hereby dub it the Fuzz Pattern Stormtalon, and really want to make one myself.

Fuzzbuket said...

thanks :D once my warp spiders are done ill be needing another project and im wanting to do a army so i might do some of these in a iron hands army :D ive not seen the frames but it seems like a fairly simple conversion, just lift up the bolters, and split the assault cannon and add it under the bolters :D

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