25th aniversary marine WIP 1

Saturday, 5 May 2012

yes the image in the box was a bit misleading because hes NOT yellow! not much text, just pics

i tired yellow first, being original and all that

then i noticed that it said 'crimson on the flag and hastily repainted it :L

and again!

the photos arnt the best but im really pleased with the backpack! 

also i saw the avengers film AND lockout (not at once btw) Lockout (or is it lockdown) is exceptionally good IHMO and would be good inspartation for anyone doing a penal legion, avengers is just 2.5 hours of explosions :D



Master Bryss said...

I'm sorry, what? Hardly anything explodes in the Avengers movie, although it is very cruel to trees at one point. :P

The Marine is looking good, let's see some more sooner rather than later.

Fuzzbuket said...

the ship at the end explodeds, the flying battleship (nicked straight from supcom may i add) explodes, start tower explodes, and the planes exploded a lot, the building at the start exploded too :D

and thanks! ive just finished the head, ill have some more WIPS up tomorrow :D


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