More tau wip's and fuzz's 40k shennanigins in tamriel

Sunday, 22 April 2012

fairly self expanetory, firstly the WIP's

ive got 5 days to do the backpack, arms and guns :/ lots of painting soon :)

this bone colour is a PROPER nightmare :/

the greens are nice though :D

so thats the painting side of things and now for something completley diffrent

i play skyrim, however being a PC gamer* and all that i have to do it diffrently:

and by diffrently i mean having a save thats 3x the level cap, and running around in power armour shooting pistols at EVERYTHING (and having a 50k bounty on my head)
so now for some beaty shots that i took 10 mins ago

stop. hammer............ abuse, millions of times a year a hammer is left out in the cold to fend for itself, for just 3 bloody skulls a year you can help end hammer abuse
the lighing is messed up: horribly on this save, on my proper save its fantastic :D
boo,  hiss, impereial blog here :P

so thats it for tonight :D


p.s. the mods are available in the steam workshop, search for theycallmeq who has compiled them into a colletion :)

*a superior person compared to dirty console pesants.

p.p.s. i hate the new blogger interface -_-


Master Bryss said...

The new interface isn't too bad, I kinda like the post creator for how much it resembles Word. The rest of it however is pretty mediocre.

I have always wondered what would happen if a Marine got dropped into the Fantasyverse. You're living the dream mate!

Fuzzbuket said...

thanks for the coment :P im going to do a proper marine in tamriel soon but atm im just.........

this picture explains a lot



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