WOW (3 amazing painting/modelling links)

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


as i still have no acess to the camera i have treaded the darkest depths of the internet to bring you 3 insparational articals (note if your artical is here and want it removed ask and it wil be removed)

so firstly;  a amazing conversion by duke over at dukes inferno

this man has SKILL!

just look at that! its like its been whisked out of the HH artbooks!


2)  Raxhammer
ive never heard of this blog beafor but Arfter a  hour of browsing i can say its up there with the likes of corvus and massive voodoo! this necron command barge is a monotone masterpiece!
just look at it! *drools!*

go check that blog out! its mindblowing!

finally we have a  a neat little NMM tutorial from magle miniture painting!
a great tutorial!


all credit goes to the original authors! and thanks for visiting!



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