rainbow Eldar autarch DONE :)

Sunday, 19 February 2012

yep the title says it all
the rainbow autarch is now in all his colorful finished glory :D

so if this is your first time here or reading about this project its quite simple: its my first finecast mini and i wanted to see if eldar can look good in RAINBOW colours unlike the current trend of dark and depressing!
originally it was a colorful rainbow mini (think back to 4rth/3rd ed before all these realism shennanigins)
however one night i decided to slightly mute some of the colours with a black glaze, which didn't turn out well: luckily thats been pretty much fixed :D

now onto the pics! (p.s. if the sword/base/face change color during the pics thats due to me taking a photo then being all like ' oh that needs fixed!')

you know what that is? swagtastic. or freshalishious, or *insert awsome made up word here*

luckily the sword wasn't dulled down and still is bright green :)

im particularly fond of this metallic blend

oho colorchange cloak! (thanks to GW's eavy metal masterclass book)

osl (im trying to get better at it!)

HALT CRIMinal scum, wait what!
 thats it for tonight , comments are welcome :) 
the camera cable has been fixed and 2qwop has been release, the world is perfect!

-fuzz :)


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