new lightbox setup (smallest/easiest :L)

Monday, 16 January 2012

recently on one of my posts i recived a few comments that the photos wernt the best:  and that means any of these things could be wrong:

- my lightbox setup

arfter a long  3 and a half seconds of thinkings i decided to re-do the lightbox, however i have a few problems:
the old one worked due to a lot of sunlight, sadly at the moment there isnt moch of that :(, as well as the fact that normal WHITE lighbulbs are being replaced by these terrible eco friendly ones that are YELLOW and take ages and give off less light :(

so with a bit of white paper, and the powerlamp i set off to build a small lightbox* (not really a box)

and heres the results

problem: too dark. solution: turn up camera brightness 

good photo: foucused wrong: soloution: re-focus

edited through GNU,imiage manipulation program............ not im not using the abbreviation :L

<3 best shot :) 
lesson learned? well turn up the camera's brightness and move somewhere sunny :L


anyone have any tips? has this helped you?  do you want to rant about the removal of the metal spider, GW's cutest model ever? :)

p.s. how sexy is my guy in skyrimn :L

i have a full set of daedric but who wants that when you can have purple pimp robes :D


Diehard2501 said...

Simple answer, get some daylight, 5K CF bulbs. I run them in my lightbox. Give them a 5 minutes to completely warm up and shoot away. Check your camera white balance setting and adjust it to match your light type.

Warflake said...

Have to agree with the above.

uniteallaction said...

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Fuzzbuket said...

hi thanks for all the responses


thanks for the advice :) i think a trip to b&Q is in order :L and i have found that the white balance is really important :D


thanks :D i just checked out your blog and some of your conversions are really good! the commando orks are really nice :D


thanks for the comments!

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