finaily! decent photos of the preheresy terminator medic :D

Monday, 23 January 2012


arfter long hours of setting up a new lightbox (okay i just got a fancy bulb :D) we now have GREAT photos of the medic :D

so here he is !

i spent too long textureing that :L ( and the break is now more visible due to the mask breaking in transit)

easy to se that the soulders arnt squint, its his arms that are :L

who yo looking at foo?

*pro lightbox :)

drawing a pistol

up the stairs, bypassing the terrible GKT molds (look at the back of the legs!)

recent operations?

osl- ish im fairly pleased with it!

better OSL shot!

aaah revel acrilics: we have finaly found a  use for you :D

that logo is tricky to paint :(

so thats it :) i think the photos are much better!


p.s. just was playing skyrim and saw a deathlord and elder dragon fight! it was beautiful!


Ron Saikowski said...

What a model. I absolutely love his helmet.
I'm not too sure about the shoulderpads though.

He's got a great look to him overall though and that's the biggest thing.

From the Warp

Fuzzbuket said...

Thanks :D


Anonymous said...

You need to think about your OSL more, look at the light on the right, the models left, if you see the cover goes over where the light is, and yet, on your model, there is light on the top of the cover, there is no way the light could have gotten up there, it would be on the inner edges, but not on the sides or top.

Attention to things like that can really improve the look of your models.

Oh and blood never really looks good, so don't do that.

Fuzzbuket said...

thanks :) ill try to improve my OSL next time i use it :D


p.s. with the blood i need a use for a massive pot of revel gloss red :L

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