skin tutorial: easy, quick and lookin good :L

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

 hi :)

sorry about the lack of posting, ive been 'studying' for exams*

so anyways i have been hobbying away and here is tonights  tutorial: skin. it can be used as a guide for TT quality skin or use it like me, as a base for more advanced skin.

so anyways are you like me, in the fact that you cant EVER get the right skin colour? well heres your answer!

step #1  paint it all 50:50 dwarf flesh, fortress grey

step #2 wash baal red

step #3 you can either sorta dab away the wash over the muscles (can look very nice) or re-apply the original mix and slowly add more dwarf flesh!

so thats it :D sorry for the terrible photos, i couldnt find the camera so i used my phone!

oh and its not that pink IRL


p.s. fuzzy's listening to
labyrinth: earthquake (dance / rap)
katy perry : the one that got away (pop, but who cares katy's a babe :D)
chase and status : let you go (rock/ dubstep)
taio cruz: hangover (rap)
true tiger: eyeball (DUBWUBWUBWUBWUWB STEP)


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