the grey knight banner bearer

Tuesday, 4 October 2011


today is my photos of my GDUK entry, a NMM banner bearer , i put about 20H work in on this guy so i was really disappointed when he didnt even make first cut ( and how cheats did*)
so here he is :D

close up of base/sword

front view


face: blurry but best face ive ever done

custom bolter

nd the NMM looks better IRL :P but anyways hes now  grand master BILL as 
a) i couldnt think of a better name
b) im not going to finish mordak for AGES

so thats him! ive got 2 painty projects coming up the first is
a classic WHFB mini made out of 40k bitz 
a anagram :D

d_a_h   _u_r_     t_r_i_at_r      m_d_c


p.s. anyone spot him and the spyder at GDUK?
* in the 14 and under tons of people who entered were over 14 and the GOLD winner was over 14 AND bought his model painted off ebay...... and frankly in the bloomin kids category thats a di_k move


Warflake said...

I did see the youngs bloods section and some of the work was just ridiculously good that I can't imagine was done by 'young bloods' so I understand you feel cheated.

Fuzzbuket said...

thanks :)

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