Games day UK what i learned

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

GDUK was my first games day (mainly because i wasnt allowed to go last year)

sadly it was also the last one in which i could enter youngbloods for the deamon**

also due to my teachers hating me i had to finish it the day beafor in a marathon 10H paint session, and sadly my dad wouldnt let me take my paints on the train :(      so it was finished at the GD repair stand.

PROBLEM : i didnt have a plinth and the place where id buy it (jamesons glasgow) plinth maker had retired 0_0

anyways heres the first thing i learned about GD
no plinth = not looked at by judges = not in the final cut = not win :(
secondly you need to enter early, both my entries were near the bottom of their respective cabinets -_-

then the next GD lesson was learned : you need to be early, why?
scrap demon que, MASSIVE. sales que: 700+ (as told by GW staff)

sigh and my third lesson? wear a hat of some sort! I was going to meet up with the bols crew but no one knew each other so the only people i spotted were sotonshades (grey knight termi) and goatboy (or a randomer with a goatee :P)

finaly the 12-15 art judging was TERRIBLE -_-
what won:

1st place: a dragon sketch: quite good, but IHMO should have won second place
2nd place: a CSM battle, detailed but very 2d
3rd place: a sorcere with some dragons: sadly it looked like it was done by a 8 yr old (and it probably was)

now i know its harsh but really its a serious contest and just cause it looked 'cute' dosnt mean it should win:

now fuzz's winners IHMO

1st place: a amaazing stonehorn drawing: this thing looked like it was straight out of a BL cover
2nd place: the dragon
3rd place: either the 'dark emissary' which was a amazingly detialed doodle or 'sanctioned psyket' (my own doodle)

but hey i can still enter next year :D


* yes many of the entrants of the under or 14 category were either
over 14
entering a model that was too big (its meant to be a 25mm base or a terminator! so no to mr. dreadnought!)

p.p.s. also you should only be able to win a max of 3 tropies: one spanish guy won 6, 6 thats like 1/3 of all the tropies avaliable!  not his fault cause his entries were very good but it still was a wee bit -_-

p.p.p.s. I HAVE Photos of the choas contemptor and the hidden FW mini, sadly the cameras not working!


Scrap Square said...

I wish I had realized they had a GD youngbloods when I was 14 :/. And yeah, plinths are a must have for painting competitions! Never enter without one.

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