mordak: wip- main body DONE :)

Friday, 5 August 2011


im foucusing on mordak ATM for the sole reasons that:
A) im outta white paint (need that for NMM)
B) GW is out of screamers and scourges (no not the staff the minis :P)  (if anyone has a spare pair off either of them for sale/trade  send up a email to

so anyway hes getting done nice and speedily. and is looking very nice too :)

metalics are a paint to photo :P

hes a big chap :)
glowy teleporty bits :)

plasticard at the joints makes a wold of a diffrence

head variant 1

head variant 2

gold helm :)

patterns on the back

freehand =][=

thanks for reading!


p.s. was reading GW's bolg, these are incredible!


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