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Sunday, 14 August 2011

hi :)

as reade regular readers will know i have been trying my hand at sculpting! specificaly a teezentch screamer for a gd entry. however as anyone who has tried sculpting will know you always have a spare blob of GS at the end, so i started making this handsome* chap :P

omnomnom :)
from the top

you spin mah tail right roud,right round till ya go down , till ya go down down,

nobody get it? :(

flo rida!

head and 'hair'

more cocktail sticks

*jaws theme*

*if you are a psycopath or have a weird attraction to aliens/tentacles


Warflake said...

Great work man. I think he's kinda cute haha.

Krisken said...

Looks great! I made giant blob screamers (look more like flying sperm with nasty teeth, tbh) and had a heck of a time making something that looked good. Always admire when others can pull it off!

HOTpanda said...

Great work and way to push yourself by digging deep into the warp itself.

Fuzzbuket said...

thanks :D anyone have a clue what colour he should be painted :P ? luminous pink :)

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