A announcment! :D ( and a WIP)

Sunday, 28 August 2011

just a quick update this evening :) ive been working hard at painting!

first of all ive re-jiggered the deal page with a new thing called PAINT POINTS, simply it means that instead of you spending hard earned cash on commisions you send me your old minis :P (at the moment its a land raider, which i KNOW you have a  spare one somewhere :P)

and for tonight's update! more gold in the GK! ( the last squad WILL be finished by this tim next week)

( silver = 100% gold = 50%)

oh and to round it off 2 quick questions:
what colours should be used for a industrial base? im thinking greys and hazard stripes?
how would you tie together a dark creature and a pale belly? it looks odd. pics tomorrow :)



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