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Sunday, 31 July 2011

so heres me doing what any half-insane blogger does: rabidly checking the addictive magic of 'blog stats' which has shown surprising results. bear in mind this is generally a painting blog.
total views: 5408
yay im popular :P

most popular page:  red panda wednesday (And commissions are now even cheaper)
wait WHAT as a joke/self promotion stunt this is my all time most popular page with 396 views, 2 comments and exactly 3 times as many vies as my 2nd most popular page (Gk NMM tutorial)
most views in a day : 193
this was when wolfs for the wolfgod held their contest and through my listing on their blogroll  and my tactical post schedule (aka post as late as possible!) NOTE: contest = more traffic.
best source of gullible fools for my evil schemes  adoring fans:

505 in total FTW from FTW :P
no surprises here.

nationality of most visitors:
USA- 1878  - no surprises here
what people google most to get the blog!:
red panda: very surprising :P
most used browse/OS when viewing my blog
firefox (1807) and windows (4294) no surprises here either.
shout-out to foreign friends/ nationality who have viewed my blog that are surprising! (leave a comment/ nationality and il translate :P)
south korea
new zeland
and more!

i hope you enjoyed this as much as i have! and note that
the panda day seems to be the most popular? :)


Master Bryss said...

I generally don't check stats because the ones for Bryssling are generally very depressing... I'm so unpopular. But it's normal for stats to come from strange places. Apparently I got a few pageviews because of my use of Brettonians as Henchmen, and at one point most traffic came from A Gentleman's Ones rather than a blog network.

Fuzzbuket said...

very interesting :P and spurising, i just visited brysling and its a really good blog! the conversions are really cool, so to boost your traffic ill add you to my list :) and apply to BOLS and FTw they seem to get you a lot more hits than iHop


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