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Friday, 1 July 2011

hi again!

this weeks gone by really fast! so whats hot on the net this week?:

warhammer, warhammer 40k and warmahordes
1) dei greci has a awsome tank! (in plasticard!)

2) forgeworld is well..... making me spend  another 45 quid :P
contemptor dread : body fist  lascannon

3) GW has featured Yoji Momiyama's tau battlesuit and its awsome!  link

4) a touching tale of a grandpa at lock and load (PP's games day?) link

5)  and over at CMON there is more groundbreaking painting! :  harlequins and a dark angels preadetor

6) loler at the brush brothers has now given me nightmares :P scary harlequins

7) faeit 212 has some cool rumors: THE HRUD!

8) master of the forge has a awsome night lord! evil!

9) forgeworld has ruels for its dread, with hidden options and a choas rumor! pdf

video games

10: starfox do a barrel roll, nope but heell sing you a sing :) kotaku

11)  outrageously priced assasins creed mechandise (why wouldnt you commision someone to make a better one over at CMON? itd be 1/2 of the price?) expensive

12) rage looks, very very fun!  and doom reminicant! RAGE 

13) ahhh microsoft, clever arnt you : *borat* NAWT

14) dont lie youve done this : comic about steam!

15) and 'global agenda' and TF2 are now free on steam! go shoot something!  global agenda  (im fuzzybuket, some noob nicked fuzzbuket!) and TF2

 16) college humor has some awsome stuff today! bear grylls the rpg of sarcasm! and every michael bay movie in a minuet!

17) wooah look at this artists dieaslpunk! its astounding! awsome!

and on fuzzbukets mini mayhem : not much! :P commisions are cheaper, and we had the first red pander wednesday!

thanks for reading!



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