another grey knight!

Friday, 22 July 2011

hi :)

this guys been finished for a while but i havent posted him here so here is GKT squad 2 guy4, or grey knight 14 :P ( yes i have done that many in  nmm) and only 2 heroes, a LR and a few ghosts to do :)

so here he is! 

sothats him, with it i pianted each panel individuially, the effecct was smoother blends BUT it took agas and it used up a TON of paint :(

so only 5 to go :)



Sendraks said...

Nice work on creating a grey metallic effect with non-metallics. How much were you thinning your paints down for the blending? I find it helps to thin them a fair bit, it takes longer but your paints go further and you create a much smoother blend.

Fuzzbuket said...

thanks :)

i thin my paints about 2:1 paint : water however when adding to the mix i dont add water. for the last few guys ill try making the paint even thinner!


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