WIP grey knight librarian conversion!

Sunday, 26 June 2011

hello! its me again arfter a small break!
and as the next few days will be clogged with terminators im going to show you something diffrent: a libby!
(note he is still WIP and needs to be glued together and have a dragonforge ammo belt!)

custom bolter (the barrels need straightneing!) and book (from a paladin!)

well ive done more terminators but thatll wait for tomorrow!
(and the painty plan for the next few weeks is  2-terminators, banner terminator , sniper assasin, terminator justiacar and terminator, IOB skaven!)

thanks for reading!

p.s. i love red pandas :D they are adorable ! i may start 'red panda wendesday:P!)

GAINT FORCE AXE OF DEATH! (counts as thunderhammer!:P)


Warflake said...

Great job man looks excellent.
I agree Red Pandas are awesome and I would welcome red panda Wednesdays.

HOTpanda said...

I fully endorse Red Pandas Wednesdays in fact I support all PANDAs equally.

PS what font type is your blog using as its super easy to read and ascetically pleasing to my eye?

Fuzzbuket said...

thanks warflake!
and yeah i may have red panda wednesdays! :P
@hotpanda the font is walter turncoat!

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