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Monday, 6 June 2011

heh didnt expect that :P i bet you thought id just have done some more red :)

well yesterday the vallejow bottle wasnt working so i gave it a big squeeze and now i only have 1/3 of the bottle left :(

but what to do with ALL that paint?
a white areoplane! ( the white is now whiter and ir also has a angel! :D)
the vultrue is still WIP

faces are REALLY HARD to paint :P
 super massive pics below! ( and family photos with bad puns)

note awsome conversion

super massive photo!
 oh and the 'all fuzz's GK - 4 =][= models
the massive white splodge!

gkdread (old scheme)
 5metal GKT (need stripping)
1 metal GKT (to join mordaks crew)      
 5 GKT, 5GK (metals)
 1 vindicare,
1 pilot and a vulture

dakka dakka dakka! ( dont mind the vindicar: hes 'armless!)

thnaks for reading!


p.s. i have a feeling i onw the ONLY white =][= vulture with punisher cannons *jeremy clarkson* In the world. *jermey clarcksone*

p.p.s (now i want to paint the vindicar like the stig)


Master Bryss said...

Some say his Turbo-Penetrator can impregnate a comely female from 30 miles away, and that it is near impossible not to kill a vehicle with it, especially if you stick it in a Bolstered ruin for survivability. All we know is he's called the Stigdicare...

On a more serious note (as if) I know what it's like to have to use up paint like that. One time I was painting Chaos Marines and my sister dipped her finger into my Blood Red. I then restrained her until I'd used up all the paint on her finger (got through 2 spawn and some marines with that).

Fuzzbuket said...

well if it was a GW pot 0_0 id go beserk howevr it was actually quite good in some ways:

a) it made me do more work on the vulture
b) it made me do more painting at night
c) it reminded me NOT to paint too late at night

however since the bottles are not too pricey, it wasnt too bad.

oh and sometimes it forms a 'skin' with dried paint on the inside but its solid on the outside! hencefort PAINT SAVE! :D


p.s. since that little stig paragarph was soo funny the vindicar may get some winter camo :P

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