saint's retinue ( lots of painted pics!)

Saturday, 18 June 2011

so here is the saints retinue :P ( par the captain who has  vanished and mr.dead who is getting munched by a wraithlord!) ( painted 6+ months ago!)

hey whats that!

*redneck* ah found this dead bug an'a cut itz ead off : imma heero!
 more arfter the jump.

tryinad Hunter insignia

yes the spots are too big '_'

everyone (-nid hunter ) has these Final fantasy style numerals!


see no evil, hear no evil

early osl and wood


cloak (p.s. EEK I JUST SAw a skull! i did NOT paint that,,,,, creepy paint accident!)

i hope you like them!


p.s. admech exploer droid tonight!


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