more grey knight goodies! incinerator! (finished!)

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

so now the 2nd gk is finished (ill have the 3rd up tomorrow!)
only with comparasion can you see how tiny these models are: think RT skinnyness! and the eyes are a nightmare 0_0

i tried with those eyes but it is impossible :( 
more arfter the jump!

i am fond of the flamer and vials!


no the flamer isnt squint!

the skull backpack is his!

so what do you think!?
if anyone wants more battlereps/tacticas/tutorials/video game reviews let us know in the comments!

p.s. cheers to the peopel over at for this video!
its the best thing today!


Warflake said...

Looks good man!
Batreps are always a good thing.

Fuzzbuket said...

okay whenever i get a full vassal game ill do a batrep!

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