cool links friday!

Friday, 3 June 2011

hi again time for some more cool links

1) the funniest thing on the internt today (p.s. extra points for spotting me AND mellisa!)
yes he MAY be mentaly retarded

2) ooh look a new warhammer game for PC.. think alien swarm (free at steam) with the DOWII skins

3) a coulourful arvus lighter from smells like wargaming (sweaty armpits and no deaderant? ... i keed i keed :P)

4)i have always had a soft spot for elfdars,and these rangers are great!

5)some intresting pics from beasts of war?!

6)GW has some of the GD france pics up... the avatar and talos are awsome (not like gw's staff painting- see todays GW blog venom 0_0)

7)ppirate viking has painted a LOT of reisn and not them new fangaled finecasts either!

8) if you like legos, starwars, jawaballs or are even bored click this over to kotaku

9) I have updated the Commissions/deals pages again! lets say a FULLY painted land raider magnetised and freehand is only £43 and if you are in the uk FREE shipping! (or you pay for it... but hey if your an aussie its cheaper than buying it off GW :D)

10) now if you have seen someone with a wierd orange suit being chaswed by zombies with crab hats or a girl  in a orange jumpsuit!

right thats it for today :) see ya soon!


p.s. sorry for the shameless self promotoin BUT more monies = more models = more intersting blog! :D


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