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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

hello it tutorial tuesday again!

so today/tonight's tutorial is about making you old sad grey knights going from cool to AWSOME!
so  you start with say a old PA squad. 3 halberds (1 is broken) 1 inceinerator and a powersword wielding sarge!.. ( using ONLY the spare parts from the termi box... or a regular GK box)

so lets fix the sarge first
1) hey his sword looks a wee bit too puny!

2) lets take a falchion and cut off the hand and glue it to his bolter!
3) take a grey knihgt termi sprue and glue a palading book to his backpack... he is now blinged up!
4) ta-da you now have a suitably awesome justiciar!
cleaving through daemons since 2008

now we have the time old GK problem... the halberd top has broken off and it will never go back on... DONT try to use terminator arms  instead shear off the whole arm leaving only the shoulder...then glue a regular marine arm onto the shoulderpad. and finally cut a GK halberd in half and CAREFULLY attach each half to the arm! (sorry no pics for this one)

now all you need to do is gather up all the little purity seals and 'bling yo dudesmen up' 

thanks for reading!

p.s. i have a google account with a pic of a dog and one with a laughing man.. both are on the SAME username pasword but it changes between sites..WTF help please :D


Warflake said...

Nice tutorial mate!
Might I add that the fish gadget is severely entertaining haha.

Fuzzbuket said...


blub blub blub
(thanks for feeding the fish!)


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