tutorial TIME! : grey knight force swords

Saturday, 14 May 2011


todays tutorial is about painting nemisis force swords, the recipe for the gold was in the NMM post but the tutorial today is about the blade! now my original method was very sdimilar to the 'crystaline swords' tutorial in a old white dwarf.

however I wasnt too keen on this method so i switched to a simpler but more effective look:

so how did i do this ( with only 3 colours!)
so let us begin!

basecoat in regal blue
mix regal blue and white, blend from the middle (blue) to tip (white) for the other side of th e blade do the reverse (blue  middle > white base)


now it should look like this!

now blend from the middle to the end that isnt white with regal blue to black. (no its not shiny thats just wet paint)
             HOWEVER the blade isnt finished.. it needs more work/contrast
so to give it that paint 1:1 regal blue/white onto the edges

and to finish it of a VERY thin line of white over the edges!

Thank you for reading, i hope this helps! ( oh and the GK squad needs blacklining over the gold to make it stand out so they WILL be finished in a day or two!)

your comments are appreciated!



Skarvald the Troll-faced said...

Hey there! The sword looks great, but have you thought of using some watered down Asurmen Blue wash to kind of bring all the colors together? You should try it on an extra sword and see what it looks like!

Fuzzbuket said...

sadly with my experinces of washes and high contrast washes kill the effect by making it a mass of blue insted of a white into blue into black

thankyou for the idea though!


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