Tuesday, 10 May 2011

sadly i dont have nearly as many pics as id like :(  but, i have WIPS anyway! :D

every time i paint i get better, this MAY be a good thing but having a squad where the justicar dosnt look too nice and where the psycannon/stave dude is 10 shades darker well...

i know the photos terrible but the blends on the red is quite nice!

the effect is like stone but with blue energy shining through.

and now (drumroll please) 
THE BEGINNINGS OF A SUPER SECRET PROJECT (that will be getting a lot of attention towards the end of the summer)
what could it be? (note missing a few parts and the main body and plasticard,...)

+3 internets for anyone who figures out what it is,.. post in comments!

ill go do some painting now!



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