now taking commisions! (in the Uk)

Friday, 6 May 2011

whew ive finially finished my exams so now more time to paint! and so i will acept commisions:

why hire me?
1)im in the uk (scotland) so no expensive shipping.
2)armies/sqauds done quickly to above table top quality : hey who wants a to have 1 super sexy model when you could have 50+  very nice models!
3) conversion work at no extra cost, aka person a) wants a squad of chaos termies i build,paint and  convert  and base the terminators and the spare parts will go on the next conversion i do... and conversions are at NO EXTRA COST!
4)cheap (ish) the if you want a EXACT quote email me (ask in the comments, ask over google or on the FB page) but the cost is pretty much modelx2 (models included in price) so a box of grey knights will be  around  £41+shipping (aka 20.5x2)
5)view your models progress on this blog or the FB page

and for those wanting to ask through FB its at (
yes the page needs a update)

oh and now i have finished 3 and 3/4 GKT and theyll all be complete by next week!!!


remember to comment ! (p.s. how did you like the shunt crunch and who keeps refrencing me on in the chat bawx? if you are that elusive person thanks for the promotion!)

edit: the FINF on dickmove has been edited a lot from the OT and if the nice person on the chat bawx was not referencing this blog because of FNIF have +3 E-cookies if not have -3D6 e-cookies


Widthofacircle said...

You are famous.

Fuzzbuket said...

i think 'dick-move' is appropriate title for that blog.. anyone in that thread (- taak who got banned and darklink whom didnt feature) would be annoyed at mr.dick

Master Bryss said...

I lol'ed @ my friend and regular opponent 'Scape7 being randomly inserted and snowmobiled. I didn't lol @ taak's insults of your spelling. For all I or he knows, you could be dyslexic, and you don't exactly go hurling abuse at them IRL.

Where about in Scotland are you anyway? I'd so get you to paint my Hereticus stuff if I wasn't so poor. And how the hell did you finish exams before I started mine?

Fuzzbuket said...

oh they arnt uni/college exams and only had 2 to do at the time.
Im in the central belt (glasgow) and im not dyslexic, just really bad at spelling (and really really bad at spelling made up things :P)


Master Bryss said...

Fair enough, I'm doing Highers atm and they start on Friday (English on the 13th...*shivers.*)

Glasgow eh? Shame, I'm in Aberdeen and it'd be nice to get a game in.

Fuzzbuket said...

well drop us a line if you want a quick round of vassal :P

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