My Grey Knight list ( the shunt CRUNCH)

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

fuzzbuket used to like grey knights

now my feelings are mixed : i like some of the devious new tricks and the force weapons (sometimes)
i also dislike the new kingts because i am a nostalgic *****

but i have devised a devious plan ( as well as a army that can make use of my old models)
henceforth: the shunt crunch

1) mordak 200
 - 4 ghost knights,2 fachions,banner,hammer 195
  2) librarian: the summoning, 2 servo skulls and warp rift

3) 5 paladins ,  hammer,3 falchions,apothecary,banner 400
4) 5GKT 1 psylincer,stave,hammer -235
5) 5ght incinerator, psybolt,2 halbards 225
6) 10 gk psycannon, incinerator,psybolt, 5 halbards,1 hammer
7) LRR, psyflame warp stabilisation field, multimelta, storm bolter - 290

so the shunt crunch: mordak+the libby  DS into the middle of the enemy, the libby uses the summoning and ta--da 5 paladins can charge into enemies that have been pounded by the LR's guns( lots of guns)  the servo skulls help with this and i have 1 on my home base or the objective so thatyou can DS in some termies to save the day! :D

ive not playtested it but i have a problem....


sadly its hard to scale it down :(

( if you have any suggestions  please comment!)
( oh and ill try to test it out in vassal soon!)


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