*yawn* not much happening :(

Saturday, 2 April 2011

firstly id like to thank deathtron and the HOP team to let my spyder in the top X!  you guys/girls/robotzombieuniocons are the best!

now back on to 'meaningful' content: not much :(  ive *1 ran out of stuff to paint!

(yes ive got a few avengers to fix, harlewuins to strip, and some scorpians to finish but...)

luckily ill be getting a few GK soon! to complement my existing force!   and with codex+ terminators in hand  ill be entering this: http://thebrushbrothers.blogspot.com/2011/03/grey-knight-painting-competition.html?showComment=1301175218501#c1112076187475628031

and wont probably be winning :P

then my painting plan goes

Armyies on parade (IST/GK force)
then UK GD!!!

hopefully ill have more useful content soon!



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