How to fix Grey Knights

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

so as many may have noted i am not too pleased with the new grey knights no.. not at all:

Mr ward made them just:


so fuzzys fixes!:  ( to remove some of those 4's from the statline)

1) remove the jokero, karazmov, xenos =][=, and all WH units ( and let malleus inquisitors take condemmer boltguns and thunder hammers)

2) change the ruels for force weapons to

DO NOT require psy tests, each grey knight may chose a  nemisis force weapon.

nemisis force sword: the holy weapon of the knights is somewhat unwieldy but delivers a crushng blow with each swing : +3S -1I
nemisis daemon hammer: the holy hammer of the grey knights is a slow weapon but murderous when it hits
S10, ruels for thunderhammer apply: wielder strikes last in CC (note that if a unit has multiple hammers they strike in I order arfter ALL regular attacks have been made
nemisis force halbard:  one of the most common nemisis weapons allows the grey knights to form a defensive positon +2I and +2S
Nemsis force halbards: +2S, +1A (stacks with true grit)
divine shield: many older grey knights carry defensive sheild emblazond with divine imiages:  (replaces storm bolter) +4 Iv, And +2IV in CC (+20 pts)
Nemisis warding stave: all units within 6' gain a 4+ cover save, grants +2S ( multipule staves dont stack)

3) add in classic true grit (stormbolters count as pistols)

4) give the following psycic powers to the justicars of the folowing squads
divine flame: purifers
holocaust : terminators ( only usabel In CC hole centred on justicar)
smite : regualr GK
hail of blades : interceptors ( on the turn an interceptor squad 'shunts' they may shunt into CC and each interceptor gains +1A, the following turn they may not charge and have -1A )
astral aim: purge squads
gloria divine +holocaust:  paladins   ( gloria divine all units within 12' re-roll LD , moral and  hits) (only with paladins squads bigger than 4 men +25pts)

5) stormtroopers are back ( 5 man squads min: max 10)
use hot shot lasguns, genades and laspistols. 15pts each
sarge is +1WS,BS,A,wounds and LD 10 can take a powersword (15pts)  or powerfist (25pts)  or chainsword or/and a combiweapon(15pts).
2 troopers per 5 men may take a melta /plasma/GL/heavy stubber(10pts) . 1 trooper per 10 men may take a lascannon(35ts) or multimelta(2-pts) OR a heavy bolter(15pts)
may take a chimera (codex grey kinghts for 55pts) or a rhino ( codex GK 35pts)
they may purchase psychtoke genades or rad grenades  for use with the GL ONLY this gives the grenades a 18'range (the effects do NOT stack)

6)crowe now has independent charecter and MUST be accompanied by a bodyguard of purifiers

7) all PAgK and terminators  are WS5, paladins and purifiers and libby are WS6   and the GM is now WS 7

8) all justicars and inquisitors may take artifacer armour, digital weapons, bionics and teleport homers ( see codex daemonhunters)

9) acolytes:
often a inquisitor may only send his sucsesor and a small warband to a warzone, his acoulyts are the sucsessors of powerful inquisitors and often have acsess to his wargear:

acolyte ( elites 15 pts)   (may be either a )

 battle interragator: the most direct of the inquisitors sucsessors a warrior acolyte specialises in killing and the destruction of his masters foes:
chainsword/ laspistol.
may take power armour(10pts) or carapace armour (5pta) a combi weapon (or stormbloter) (10pts)Or a plasma pistol (10pts) Or a flamer (5pts) or a hotshot lasgun (5pts) or a bolter (5pts) or bolt pistol (2 pts)
and either a power sword (15pts) or a thunder hammer (20pts)
they may take a rhino for 35pts or a chimera for 55pts

an interrigator may take up to 5 henchmen: these henchmen are scoring but must retain coherncy with the interrigator.

10)points increases and quick fixes
cortez :115pts (he now has acsess to the smite power)
calladiuses now have ' a word in your ear'
techmarine is now 95pts
purifiers are now 150 (+30pts per modle)
ven dread may take nemisis weapons. and can be upgraded for 25pts to a psyker level 1 with acsess to all GK powers (must purchse like the libby)
paladins are now 65 each
crusaders are now 20 pts
GKt are now 230pts (+45pts per modle)
GKSS are now 150pts (+25 pts per modle)
interceptors are now 160pts + 30pts per model
purge squad is now 160pts with +30pts per model

hows that? feedback is appreciated: if anyone at GW reads this i will buy lOTS more from you if you FAQ nemisis to be like S6 again!


edit in:  ( the rhinos have now been fixed to 35pts)
Brotherhood champion: has 2 wounds and 3A (now 125pts) ( crowe has 4A)
a  new sword 'skill' has been added to the perfect warior:
straight strike:
reslove attack as a normal CC ATTACK!


Master Bryss said...

Wow, this blog is refreshing, nice font!

Not really sure where the Sisters are. I try to seperate them and the Ordo Hereticus, who I think you mean. That said, I plan to use Sisters Repentia as Banishers because it's cheapish and awesome models.

I miss True Grit too! I'm also not as keen on the sword being the basic weapon. Swords are overused. I'd love the spear as an option, maybe with an S bonus and more attacks on the charge.

25 point Rhino seems slightly mad.

Lastly, can't believe you didn't look at the Brotherhood Champion. I can't take him seriously with just one wound, even with his powers. At least two would be better.

Fuzzbuket said...

hmm when i said WH i meant the witch hunter (herticus) inbquisitor, karazmov and arco-flangellants. ill make make the rhino 35pts! ( and input a brotherhood champion entry!

thankyou for the feedback!


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