Grey Knight terminator sarge FINISHEd

Monday, 25 April 2011

... but not in these photos :P check back tomorrow! for the poast hour ive been going

1) set up camera
2) take photos
3) realise the face is shizz
4) repaint face
5) ahh that looks better
6) go back to step1

ever since i painted some orks ive had cheque-itis

the worlds cheapest '3d base' tutorial coming soon to a awsome blog near you!

bannerpole toppers!

thers anarchy and teezench on there


~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~ = grey knight leet speak

OSL fail :(

his name

 NMM: failed too

ahh better NMM
:( but here is the beafor makeover photos

thansk for reading


p.s. the blog views goal is on schedule! (well 1 off) remember hammer that refresh button :P


blackarmchair said...

Face looks great to me man (as does the whole model). Are you doing a whole GK army or just painting a few minis here and there?

Fuzzbuket said...

im doing a whole army ( sadly i dont paly as much as i used to) but i cant decide whether to do it all NMM and do the veichals black or just do regular metallics! ( currently i have some 3rd ed GK that may be stripped!)

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