shock horrer sneaky GW !

Saturday, 5 March 2011

right gw is sneaky

1) the army's on parade. aka buy new army and paint it e.g. GD competition but for a whole army. so im now going to do it!

2) oh lets look at DH so i can have a ary for my vulture! :D
-3GKT (ka tick)
-stormtroops (either stormies,karskin, FW cadians or converted plastics) KA-tick
-cool sentinel pulpit of awsomeness (KA-TAICK)
vulture (KA-TICK)
cortez....????????????????????? hes gone 0_0

im shocked :(

but for all of you missing the obligitary eye candy this weekend we will have a finished vulture ! (hopefully) and a EbAY acution



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