ORKZ- + woot im a finialist in the HOP vote contest!1!one oh and some orks

Thursday, 24 March 2011

yay vote for me :P

and orks, finished them in january, new pics! i love painting checkers+blood and these are the first orks i have EVER painted! (if youd like too see more pics ask in the comments!)

mecha-ork- the harpoon is lovley! there is a tiny check pattern if you look closley!

WAAAAGH he likes choppin and killin' :P

hes a sneaky gitz- but he likez yello :P
gore stain!


do bowzz 

BURRN the first mini completed

and hiz squig- 
finialy da grotz note the checks on the chainsword!

have fun painting and dont forget to vote on HOP



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