angel painting: quick tutorial

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Hello again!

i like to start things with a bang so i have prepaired this simple tutorial: its VERY simple so if you are new to painting or nervous about complicated freehand this is a good place to start! (p.s. this is about a year arfter i took the photos so my painting may be rather rubbish :P) (the photos  are massive for some reason? so i now provide links ^_^)

1) pain base layer of  'scab red' and 'shadow grey'
2) highlight with 'blood red' + 'skull white'

3)add  sleves/shadows with chaos black
4)paint the top line of the wing and extend it down to the back of the angel
5)paint thin vertical lines for fethers
6) add sword with boltgun metal, highlight the robes with skull white
7)paint a circle of bleached bone for hands

more examples using the same techinque but diffrent sizes (this can be done VERY small)

thankyou for reading - i hope you leared something!

p.s. if anyone knows how to link photos form photo-bucket without them being HUGE can you help me)


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